Screen view



Single-channel digital film installation

HD colour- stereo sound

2’07” seamless loop

40" HD LCD screen and HD media player housed in a rusted steel-plate box

122 x 82 x 83 cm


Frameless 55'' HD LCD screen with HD media player

69 x 121 x 10 cm

Edition of five plus two artist's proofs

Frozen takes the form of an inspection window looking into a revolving cryonic preservation chamber. It asks questions about the quest to conquer death and the motives of those involved.

Cryonic preservation has been used as a convenient narrative device in many science fiction stories, but the present-day practise raises far more complex issues. Nobody that submits themselves to the process has any guarantee that they will ever be revived. They must have faith in science and they must invest heavily in the possibility of a new future.



Installation view at Tunnel 228

Installation view at Tunnel 228 (box version)

Installation view at Secret Cinema's Prometheus

View of cryonic chamber turntable

Installation view at Tunnel 228


Copyright © 2007 Doug Foster