Two-channel digital film installation

35mm colour - stereo sound

1’17” seamless loop

Two 40" HD LCD screens and computer housed in a rusted steel-plate box

183 x 122 x 62 cm

Edition of three plus one artist's proof



Part film, part sculpture, part geometric puzzle with a cyclical, Möbius strip structure, BOB indulges our innate appetite for symmetry and rhythm by following the relentless footsteps of a man in a repetitive rut.


The fact that there are an infinite number of BOBs walking this corridor becomes obvious early on. It may take a little longer to work out whether we are following one BOB on his endless journey or following alternate BOBs up and down the same small section of corridor.


Installation view at In the Naughty Chair (mirror reflects split screen)

Installation view at the David Roberts Foundation

Main screen and four way split screen (rear of box)