Single-channel digital film installation

HD B&W - stereo sound

3’33” seamless loop

Projector, HD media player and projection screen

Galvanized steel interrogation chair with leather restraining straps

Dimensions variable

Edition of three plus two artist's proofs


Frameless 55'' HD LCD screen with HD media player

69 x 121 x 10 cm

Edition of five plus two artist's proofs



A single, empty chair sits in the middle of a darkened room. Leather restraining straps hang ready from the arms, legs and head rest of its sturdy steel frame. The only illumination in the room comes from a narrow beam of light from the ceiling and the relentless, rippling imagery being projected on the wall in front of the chair. The only sound, a monotonous, liquid drone.


Installation view at Bedlam

Still frame from Brainwasher