Four-channel digital film installation

35mm colour - stereo sound

35” seamless loop

Four 23" HD LCD screens and computer housed in a rusted steel-plate box

223 x 102 x 102 cm

Edition of three plus two artist's proofs



Breather exploits a rarely used stereoscopic technique to immerse the viewer in a mesmerising scene of desperation that appears to take place within the water-filled confines of a rusty steel-plate box. It is part sculpture, part film and part optical illusion. Its cyclical, mantra-like narrative counterpoints human frailty with human tenacity.


Two pairs of steel and glass eye-ports offer the only visible access to the interior.


Installation view at Punchdrunk's Tunnel 228 in the Old Vic Tunnels

Masked viewer peering through stereoscopic eye-ports

Breather viewers at Tunnel 228

Installation view at Tunnel 228