Beyond the Infinite


Short clip from Beyond the Infinite

Still frames from Beyond the Infinite


Merged dual-channel digital film installation

UHD colour - stereo sound

6'24" seamless loop

Two HD projectors, one HD media player

and ultra-wide projection screen

Edition of five plus two artist's proofs



When Stanley Kubrick envisaged what is now known as the ‘stargate’ sequence in 2001: A Space Odyssey, his intention was to create a raw cinematic ‘experience’ that would transport the audience beyond the usual, clichéd depictions of extraterrestrial encounters.


Beyond the Infinite is my homage to that groundbreaking piece of filmmaking. It is a large scale digital film installation that uses similar visual cues to provoke a visceral reaction from its audience. My effort is a more languid affair, but does feature a wide screen format and a central vanishing point as part of an optical tunnel effect.


The score is by Philip Sheppard and James Lavelle (UNKLE)