Symmetrical stereoscopic portrait for display in a

Folding Stereoscopic Viewer

(First work in the Mirror Image series)

Pair of giclee prints on 1.5 mm mounting board

52 x 40 cm (each print)

Edition of ten



Symmetry is common in the designs of nature, but perfect bilateral symmetry is rare. EVE and her Tree of Knowlege display a sinister beauty born of unnatural perfection.


Stereoscopic view (cross your eyes slightly)

The prints are viewed via two optical mirrors

The Viewer folds flat against the wall

Wall-mounted optical device for viewing pairs of large,

high-resolution stereoscopic photographs

Laser cut, galvanised steel plate, front-surface mirrors, fluorescent lights, springs, magnetic catches, motion sensor,

electrical cable, nuts and bolts

130 x 108 x 57 cm (open) 130 x 106 x 22 cm (closed)

Edition of fifty



The Folding Stereoscopic Viewer utilises front-surface mirrors and high-resolution photographic prints to recreate full-size three-dimensional scenes that have been captured with a specially designed camera system. In addition to the existing images, such as EVE and the Mirror in the Bathroom series, stereoscopic portraits and other subjects can be specially commissioned for display in the viewer.

Folding Stereoscopic Viewer