The Heretics' Gate


Single-channel digital film installation

HD colour - stereo sound

9’40” seamless loop

Projector, HD media player, arched projection screen and shallow reflecting pool

Dimensions variable

Edition of three plus one artist's proof


HD OLED screen with HD media player

Edition of five plus two artist's proofs



This large scale digital film installation, created for Lazarides' Hell’s Half Acre exhibition in 2010, was inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. The Heretics’ Gate represents Dante’s entry point into the Sixth Circle of Hell, where non-believers burn for eternity in furnace-like tombs. The fiery, ectoplasmic forms were created with liquid and light.


The score is by UNKLE (J Lavelle, P Clements and J Griffith).


Installation view at Hell's Half Acre

Installation view in St Michael's Church, Camden

Installation view at Daydreaming With... St Michael's