Still frames from Weaver 1, 2 & 3


Single-channel digital film

UHD Colour - stereo sound

6' 24" duration

Digital edition of 150

Only available from Sedition



Weaver is a collection of three painterly, monochrome films by Doug Foster, designed to invoke a calming influence on their audience. The compositions feature meticulously filmed twisting, textural imagery, entwined into three dimensional forms that are repeated with a temporal offset so that they gently pulsate at the rate of a resting human heartbeat.

The triptych depicts three steps in an evolution of complexity, starting with a single strand of convolving elements, progressing to a semi-chaotic spiral configuration of several strands and culminating with many strands, in a more symmetrical array, that seem to form an undulating tunnel of light.

The anonymity of the translucent subject matter frees the viewer to project their own thoughts and feelings onto the abstract imagery. There is no set narrative. The only ambition is that the work provides a brief respite from the stress inducing overload of extraneous information that we are all subjected to every day.